About Mr. Tortilla

Mr. Tortilla remembers the love that his grandmother put into preparing flour tortillas. As soon as she would put the dough on the Comal, the family was brought together by the aroma of fresh tortillas. It was meal time.

Mr. Tortilla brings us his family's traditional flour tortilla, seasoned with exquisite ingredients brought from around the world. He presents a delicious product that has less fat, less calories, and less sodium than competitors, with an artisan flair and a visually distinct look.

The care and passion for quality that Mr. Tortilla possesses shows in the tortillas. Mr. Tortilla has developed a special tortilla, that has a clean bite without the bitter aftertaste that most other tortillas possess. These tortillas do no rip, break, or crack, and won't stick in the bag, with a delicious taste that is a perfect compliment to any dish. These tortillas truly are a chef's dream!

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Please feel free to inquire regarding our company or our delicious product. We look forward to hearing from you, and to having you try our tortillas!

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